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Want a Great Experience For Your Dog?

We space our appointment so there aren’t too many dogs here at one time. We prefer to spend quality time with fewer dogs to create a stress-free environment.

What is Hand Stripping And Why Is It Important?

What is Hand Stripping And Why Is It Important?

Emy-Lou is a Dandy Dinmont Terrier and her breed falls into the category of wire haired breeds. Hand stripping is extremely beneficial to the skin and coat of these breeds and maintains proper coat texture as well as colour. It is a technique that involves plucking...

Is Your Dog as Happy As You Are?

Is Your Dog as Happy As You Are?

We all know how much responsibility is involved in owning and caring for our pets. Right from the day they come home with us they are looking to us for food, shelter, and love. We have owned many dogs over the years and each one had their own little personality and...

Goldie’s second time with McMutts and she loves her fresh look!! The frisky fun of a pup with a haircut has begun. Julie is calm, re-assuring, and loves our Goldie! We are not just another client but we are a part of the McMutts family!!

Roly Patrick

Julie did a awesome job on our little rescue dog Dexter – very knowledgeable groomer

Debbie Suderman

Julie did an excellent job on my dog Willie! Strongly recommended šŸ‘

Stacey Murdoch

Such a nice job today, thank you for making Cheech look so handsomeĀ 

Annette Herbert

Great job with Tripper. A shedding Husky coat on a 3-legged dog is a challenge! He looks Great!

Debbie Beekhof

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If it’s your first time booking with us, we’ll take 5% off as our way of saying “Thanks” for trying us out. Simply use the “Contact Us Today” below to qualify.

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