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We all know how much responsibility is involved in owning and caring for our pets. Right from the day they come home with us they are looking to us for food, shelter, and love. We have owned many dogs over the years and each one had their own little personality and quirks that made his or her impact on our lives and left an indelible impression on our family. How does this happen?

We become connected to our pets much the same way we connect with humans, by interacting with them regularly. Exercise is very important and making it fun is even better. Good nutrition provides your pet with the energy and vitality needed to have that wet nose and shiny coat that says “I feel good!”. As humans we get up every day and take care of all the things that keep us healthy and happy. Our furry companions need to do the same thing but require our help to get them done. Make it a point to interact with your dog today and let them know you care about them as much as you do yourself and you will be rewarded with love and attention that is pure!