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Emy-Lou is a Dandy Dinmont Terrier and her breed falls into the category of wire haired breeds. Hand stripping is extremely beneficial to the skin and coat of these breeds and maintains proper coat texture as well as colour. It is a technique that involves plucking dead hairs from the hair follicle which stimulates new growth. Making this process viable keeps the proper texture and colour that these breeds are sought after for. Dogs with wire coats have the benefits of a coat that resists water and if they are hand stripped they will shed less and the groom will last longer.

Hand stripping is important to maintain good follicle health. If a wire haired dog is clipped, the coat will eventually become soft and the colour will change so it is important to remember this when giving instructions to your groomer. This type of grooming can be a little more expensive but there are variations within this category that allow for partial hand stripping to make a longer lasting groom. Ask us about the benefits of hand stripping for your pet.